Department of Public Enterprise Opening Jobs 9x Positions 2022

The Department of General Enterprises welcomes alumni from the University of Technology and sodalities progressed between 18 and 35 to apply for temporary Program positions. The term of the temporary employment program is twelve times and will take effect from April 1, 2022. All interested graduates with accompanying capacities are welcome to apply 


  • Unit Qualification Field of Specialization Number of Interns Ref. No. 
  • Services Bachelor Degree in Economics Economic Research 012022/01 
  • Service Badmin/ International Politics Research and Admin 022022/02 
  • Force network operation Parchment/ Bachelorette of Supply Chain Management Supply Chain 012022/03 
  • Monetary Impact and Policy Alignment Awards in Environmental Management Environmental Management 012022/04 
  • Fiscal Impact and Policy Alignment ND/ Development Study Degree Frugality/ Youth/ Public Sector Development 022022/05 
  • Monetary Management Diploma Financial Management Financial Management 012022/06 
  • Broadband Energy Company Degree Engineering/ Computer Science Broadband and ICT 012022/07 
  • Broadband Energy Company BTech/ BSc Electrical Engineering Technical Analysis of Energy- related Operations 012022/08 
  • Energy Broadband Enterprises, Transportation, and Manufacturing BCom Accounting/ Economics Financial Analysis 052022/09 
  • Correspondence ND/ BTech Journalism/ Communication/ Humas/ Media Studies 012022/10 
  • Information Center, Services, Transportation and Governance and Security and Licit Installations ND/ Degree General Administration/ Management Administration 042022/11 
  • Information Center ND/ Degree Information Wisdom/ Archivements and Libraries Management Informatics Management 012022/12 
  • Legal and Government LLB Legal 022022/13 
  • Security and Installations Diploma/ Bachelor of Security Risk Management Security Investigation and Security Project Management 012022/14 
  • Legal and Governance BCom Law/ Internal Inspection Threat and Compliance 012022/15 
  •  HR ND/ Degree HR HR 012022/16 

  • IT ND in IT/ Networking/ MCSE A; N Desktop IT Support 012022/17 


  • Operations must be alumni who have noway worked in their field of study and are residers of South Africa. Electives will be given to scholars who master the essential tertiary chops of an sanctioned association or advanced education institution. 
  • The General Company Division is an equal open door business and individualities with disabilities are prompted to apply. 
  • Note All positions are located in Pretoria 

Instructions for Applying 

 Operations must be submitted on a Z83, realistic structure from any Public Service Department, and must be accompanied by a detailed CV, along with indistinguishable capacities, educational records, and guaranteed ID. Incapability to present the needed notes will qualify our operation from being considered. 

A separate operation for each position must be submitted. State the reference number of each of your operations. The incapability to conform to these prerequisites will bring the thinking given to the stylish option as it is. 

 Shoot your operation to HR Department, Internship Program, Department of Public Enterprises, Infotech Building, 1090 Arcadia Street, Hatfield or Private Bag x15, Hatfield 0028. Operations transferred by communication won't be considered. 

For inquiries, contactMr. Simon Mangaye at(012)431-1012 or Nikiwe Magqwashu at(012)431-1222. 

 Note Correspondence will be limited to short recordedapplicants.However, please admit that your operation isn't producing results, If you do not get us within two months of this announcement. 

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