FSB Awards Bursaries 2022

 FSB Awards Bursaries 2022


Operations for (FSB Awards Bursaries 2022) must be submitted before the ending date on 2022

Please really pay attention to the absoluteness of the operation that will be transferred to the selection commission in full in agreement with the conditions that have been set, in order to allow campaigners to get the occasion with what's anticipated. 



FSB awards literacy to undergraduates and first- time scholars for actuarial wisdom attention through the University of Witwatersrand or University of Pretoria, for simple correspondence and pupil coaching. The education is concentrated on lately hampered South African scholars who are unfit to continue their profession in Flying Actuarial Science and will run from 2022-2021. Effective challengers will be needed to enter into are-employment agreement with the FSB relative to the number of times they've been financed by the association.


Instructions for Applying 

Interested campaigners should submit an inspiring use letter as to why they should be awarded the education, attesting a duplicate of their SA ID, brief CV and educational results to Mr Lordwin Shai, FSB, PO Box 35855, Menlo Park 0102 or shoot the library by dispatch to reclamation@fsb.co.za no latterly than the end date.

For telephone inquiries, please communicate Mr Lordwin Shai at tel (012)4288149

It's recommended for those of you who want to register to really pay attention to the conditions that have been determined, in order to get a better chance.



  • Application Letter ( Provocation Letter) 
  • Vitae pendidikan education plan
  • Effective completion of either first time or first time concentrating in actuarial wisdom with normal characteristics in any case 66
  • Confirms duplicates of hogshead scholastic records. 


Application Letter ( Provocation Letter)

  • Evaluation of 11 andmid-year results matrices with at least Figure In Mathematics.
  • The sanctioned choice of awarding the education will depend on Grade 12 results and admission to an actuarial examination program through the University of Witwatersrand or University of Pretoria. 
  • The FS8 actuarial investigative education will cover the following
  • Registration and education freights
  • Convenience
  • regale
  • Books/ study accoutrements/ jotting accoutrements/ internet time
  • PC ( formerly out)
  • Diurnal freights ( yearly freights for particulars.
  • Experimental Literacy 
  • Treasurers will be needed to spend at least 4 Weeks out of each time at FSB during their sightseeing break for existential literacy.
  • Lately hindered South Africans were eligible to apply for the education.

You're welcome to submit any possible operations. Remember, you really have to apply the terms first (FSB Awards Bursaries 2022). This variable will determine whether you're a feasible seeker or not. Please see the qualification conditions given below if you wish to double- check your credentials. it'll be great if you complete everything in the ensuing list if you want to have a chance to pass the selection. 

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