Western Cape Provincial Treasury offers bursary chances to Grade 12 students 2022


Operations for (Western Cape Provincial Treasury offers education openings for Class 12 202 scholars) must be submitted before the ending date in 2022 


Please pay close attention to the absoluteness of the operation that will be transferred to the selection commission in full in agreement with the conditions that have been set, in order to allow campaigners to get the occasion with what's anticipated. 


The External Bursary Program started in 2001 and intends to cultivate explicitly distinguished outside scholars in lower word- related classes to acquire fresh capacities or capacities. 

It offers truly hopeless scholars the occasion to enhance their capacities, to make an capability pool from which divisions can elect and attract anticipated representation in the stingy gift groups and to produce gift within a limited network with particular emphasis on setting fiscal underpinning boundaries. and to empower individualities from overburdened networks to contend for work. 


The Western Cape Provincial Treasury offers education openings to Year 12 and graduate scholars and scholars interested in seeking employment in 

  • Financial Problem 
  • Financial and Public Policy 
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Open Finance ( Expenditure and Profit Analysis and Operation) 
  • Commercial Governance (Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Business and Public Administration) 
  • needs  

Outside literacy are offered to every South African between the periods of 17-35 living in the Western Cape. Campaigners are more likely to get a normal grade of 60 or advanced for the first time of study in high academy, council or engineering and they mustn't hold any other education. 

The list of fiscal requirements for periodic family unit payments, in the range of R15 000 and below, between R150 000-R30 000, R30 000-R450 000 and R450 000 or further is also considered with a given tendency to discouraged challengers. Postgraduate campaigners must have lately earned aB. degree in at least one of the preliminarily indicated fields. 


Farther questions 

Nicolaas van Aarde 

Tel 0214833040 


It's recommended for those of you who want to register to really pay attention to the conditions that have been determined, in order to get a better chance. 


Step by step instructions for Subscribing up 


Stage 1 Apply the Operation Form 

Stage 2 Complete the operation form and incorporate the necessary supporting records 

Stage 3 Operations together with supporting reports should be directed to Mr D van Aarde. 

 Veritably well can be served on 

  • the Western Cape Provincial Treasury, 
  • Enterprise Service Relationship Management, 
  • X9165 particular bag, 
  • Cape Town 
  • 8000 
  • or else submitted to 
  • legislator trimming, 
  • 15 Wale Street, 
  • Cape Town 

It should be put in a stamped casket Provincial Treasury Treasury Operation Full Time Study 2022 

You're welcome to submit any possible operations. Remember, you really must first apply the conditions (the Western Cape Provincial Treasury offers literacy). This variable will determine whether you're a feasible seeker or not. Please see the qualification conditions given below if you wish to double- check your credentials. it'll be great if you complete everything in the ensuing list if you want to have a chance to pass the selection. 

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