Municipality's Bursary Program 2022


Operations for (City Bursary Program 2022) must be submitted before the ending date in 2022 


Please really pay attention to the absoluteness of the operation that will be transferred to the selection commission in full in agreement with the conditions that have been set, in order to allow campaigners to get the occasion with what's anticipated. 


City Scholarship Program 2022 

The megacity of Nelson Mandela Bay is determined to address the space in the South African frugality. As similar, it offers literacy to scholars who wish to concentrate on design chops in council. 


The External Bursary Program hopes to give scholars with access to significant and high- quality training and training, as well as gift development openings, including literacy and work experience gests, to scholars who want to learn and add special capacities. 


Operations must be separated for consideration by the Administrative Director Commercial Services, PO Box 116, Port Elizabeth, 6000 or submitted on the eighth bottom, Lillian Diedericks Building, Govan Mbeki Avenue, Port Elizabeth. For further data, communicate the Human Resource Office at041-5063252. 


No fax, communication or detention operations will be conceded. 

It's recommended for those of you who want to register to really pay attention to the conditions that have been determined, in order to get a better chance. 



  • Literacy for accessible study in accompanying structure disciplines 
  • Bsc Civil Engineering 
  • BSc or BEng Mechanical Engineering 
  • BSc Electrical Engineering 

Who can apply 

Evaluation of 12 scholars with South African ID figures, who are perpetual residers of South Africa. 

Aspirants who have earned a Matric Impunity in Mathematics and Physical Lores and meet the conditions of the section to concentrate towards a qualification in Engineering. 

The inflow of scholars at a university who's now concentrating on a Bsc/ Civil, BSc/ BEng in Mechanical or Bsc in Electrical Engineering. 


  • The education will cover the following 
  • Cost of education 
  • Particular and super charges 
  • Month to Month Allowance 


Effective beginners will be needed to subscribe a common contract with the Board upon scale for a period fellow to a educationresidency.However, as supported by the course, with the Megacity, If the treasurer is needed to make medications grounded on experience. 

The most effective system to APPLY 

Campaigners must show a detailed CV, accompanied by guaranteed indistinguishableID.However, a duplicate of the seeker's June 12 class results must be included with the operation, If presently in Class 12. Assuming, still, a seeker has completed Class 12, with the exception, a duplicate of the Class 12 Certificate must be attached, or advertisement of results. 

You're welcome to submit any possible operations. Remember, you really must first apply the conditions (Municipality Bursary Program 2022). This variable will determine whether you're a feasible seeker or not. Please see the qualification conditions given below if you wish to double- check your credentials. it'll be great if you complete everything in the ensuing list if you want to have a chance to pass the selection. 

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