QPLAY MUSIC Jobs Programme 2022

This job is only open to challengers who are good to work in South Africa.

Role Reason

Ayub is anticipated to make the learner and help him profit by being involved in the SHE circle. Cover scholars will also offer directorial backing to the SHE division.

Main liabilities
Update all SHE styles as demanded
Embed changes to security styles and data by opening a meeting and refreshing the Safety announcement distance.
Bed changes to methodology and quality data by opening meetings and stimulating quality notice wastes
Help prepare facilitators by orchestrating and organizing SHE group weal medications.

Order SHE measures and results as demanded.
Work with Fellow to encourage review plans and use of restorative conditioninge.g. cleaning, exigency care boxes, housekeeping and so on
Take a many twinkles and maintain a shamus for all exercises to push the SHE design
Choose 2 main trials to make your own SHE capabilities and ameliorate SHE within Unilever
Spend one month in each environmental treatment factory as a form element

  • Minimal Conditions
  • Completion of instruments in Occupational Safety/ Health/ Environmental Management or Science
  • Reach 60 normal in your test and
  • Gift exchange
  • MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Delicacy in capturing/ preparing information
  • Upset for thoroughness and demand


Still, note as a point of the job request, you'll be approached to complete an online assessment, If you do not mind. Completion of the evaluation is obligatory to suppose about. Please give yourself plenitude of time to complete the operation andevaluation.However, it'll have a bad impact on the progress of your operation, If the standing is rounded up most or not a little. If it's not too important of a hassle know that you will have to complete a double evaluation as you will not be suitable to readdress it latterly.

Step by step instructions for Subscribing up

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QPLAY MUSIC is a friendly youthful contender to join their temporary employment program for 2022. It would be preferable that scholars progressed 18 to 35 times with nearly zero job sapience but information in their calling area.

We offer a great blend of driven, tone- contained and ready-to- use openings and upgrades. This open door offers sidekicks with the tools, means, and backing to advance themselves with genuine business circumstances in new business situations.

QPLAY MUSIC is an online music platform that primarily allows artists to advance their music and buy through the stage. We're now one of South Africa's premier online music venues.


  • Promote Deals 4 months 2
  • Multi month Visual Developer 2
  • Specialist/ Website inventor 4 months 2


Named sidekicks will be with our group for 4 months starting February 1, 2022. They will during that period work with our current group who'll challenge them on several order related areas to complete in detail.

Towards the end of themulti-month (31 May 2022), the stylish challengers in each division will be offered a business deal, whether temporary, casual or harmonious.

  • If it's not too important trouble NOTE
  • Only sidekicks progressed between 18 and 35 will be considered
  • Only dispatch apps allowed
  • Allowance is given after 4 months, request related.
  • Mention the position applied for in the subject


  • Matrix or advanced
  • Dialect English
  • Chops or information related to the field
  • The most effective system to APPLY
  • Telegraph the attached recordings tojobs@qplaymusic.com
  • CV
  • cover letter
  • Inquiries dispatchjobs@qplaymusic.com or call William on 0865976317
  • Reference

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